mehandi desings For Asian womens

Pretty Mehndi Design For Asian Bridal

mehandi desings For Asian womens: This mehndi is perfect for bridal.Its easy to make and it takes less time from other desings.All Fingers are fully filled with this mehndi pattern.this design  is very common.

mahdi dizan Asian modern

Gorgeous Mehndi Designs of Asia

mahdi dizan Asian modern: This mahdi dizan is not covering much area of hand.its a good design.Three Fingers and thumb is half covered with this dizan its very simple you can easily make it.This pattern doesn’t need much time.

mehndi digain Five patterns

Top 5 unique bridal mehndi designs

Mailanchi Design: This mailanchi design is simple only the mid of the upper hand is filled with complex flowers.Fingers till the nail is drilling design and centre back is filled with geometrical design.

Four stylish mehndi ki design

Four stylish mehndi design of hands

Four stylish mehndi ki design: This dizain is called Four stylish mehndi ki design.its a full hand design.Fingers are filled with amazing lining design with red nailpolish on nails and on back flowers with pretty geometrical designs.